Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jet Engines + Drag Cars + Las Vegas = FAST HEAT

On Saturday during the Top 32 competition of the 2010 Round 5 Formula Drift, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was also hosting some very fast drag cars. The highlight of the night on the drag strip were 2 separate runs by jet engine powered drag cars.

If you have never seen one of these run, let me tell you that they are F-A-S-T! If you have never heard one of these cars, I can tell you that they are LOUD! I made it to the grandstands, camera in tow, just in time to see these insane jet engine powered beasts nearly fly down the drag strip.

Here are the few images that I was able to capture before I blinked and missed everything...luckily I was able to get a few with the entire car in the frame.

To see the additional images, Click Here


Warming up the afterburners at the starting grid...

Pre Launch of Black Rat

Finishing 1/4-mile time of Black Rat...5.65 seconds at 283.19 MPH!!!!

For the finale, 2 jet engine powered cars lined up against each other and raced head-to-head.

Warming up the afterburners on the engines...

Both cars on the starting line just before they launch

This in Incinerator as it began to "fly" down the race track. I believe it finished with a 5.50 second 1/4-mile time at a speed over 286 MPH!!


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